Building Flows

Building Flows

This video shows how to add flows through flows tab. You willl experience add flows, nodes, templates, e-commerce, health care, finance, hospitality, travel, hr, rest, etc..

Chatbot flow is a logic-based process that you define for your chatbot that guides users through the conversational flow. To summarize, chatbot flow determines how a conversation takes place.

Designing a flow is an important part of the process. You don't want your chatbot to create an initial negative impression of your business. If your bot communicates effectively and performs well, it may alleviate some of the burden on your agents while also fostering a positive brand perception.

BotUp provides 20 plus industry-specific prebuilt workflow templates that you can customize for your business. You can also create custom flows for your chatbot using a drag-and-drop visual flow builder from scratch.

In the visual builder, there is a list of all-powerful nodes. You can connect each node using drag and drop from the output of one step to the input of the next step.