chatbot template and flow editor

Chatbot Templates & Flow Editor

for custmized bot development

Chatbot template and flow editor, designed for small & medium-sized businesses to take total control over conversions. Part of the 500apps Infinity Suite.

Get Work Done Faster with Built-in Templates

Take control of the conversation with chatbot template and flow editor, designed for small & medium-sized businesses.

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visual designer

Visual Designer

Build powerful flows using an intuitive designer to add functionalities and run your bot the way you want.



Easily drag-and-drop connectors, arrange it as your flow performs to create unique chat flows, and perform actions within minutes.

built-in templates

Built-in Templates

Save time and use built-in templates to get things done faster and take full control of the conversation.

custom templates

Custom Templates

Choose from the wide array of templates to create bots. Perform lead qualification, support interactions, and much more.

multi-chat channels

Multi-Chat Channels

Explore countless possibilities to create and implement chatbots into various platforms. Boost engagement by implementing it on social channels, solve visitors queries by deploying it on websites and let it handle support by using live chat.

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