Build Flows for Chatbots

to create a smooth conversation flow

Design and build flows for Facebook, Slack, WhatsApp, SMS, and Website using visual flow builder. Build integrated solutions to automate customer interactions.

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Build Flows for Chatbots

Build Flows With Visual Flow Builder

Create better and visually pleasing customer engagements using our chatbot flow builder

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visual designer

Visual Designer

Make your flows visually appealing with intuitive designs. Add visuals and customize the bot functionalities as you need.



Build flows that are unique to perform actions and monitor conversions hassle-free. Our bot building software comes with a set of drag-and-drop options.

built-in templates

Built-in Templates

Make use of a wide range of predefined templates we have in chatbot building software. Integrate the bot power to automate relentlessly.

custom templates

Custom Templates

Choose a template from the array of predefined ones and customize them using drag-and-drop options or build flows from the scratch according to your business needs. Capture potential leads with reliable bots.

multi-chat channels

Multi-Chat Channels

Explore countless possibilities to create and implement chatbots into various platforms. Build flows to boost engagement by implementing it on social channels, resolve queries by deploying it on websites, and let it handle the customer support in live chat.

flow replication

Flow Replication

Automate your workflow with the drag-and-drop interface, and replicate the same to other bots. Do a simple task once, and let other bots do it for you.

customizable by user

Customizable by User

Empower all the bots with advanced features and bring automation into your business core. Simple-to-use chatbot software allows replication of bots.

save time

Save Time

Create virtual bots for your business and deploy them in various operations across the business simultaneously to automate processes. This ensures maximum efficiency and availability in addition to greater scalability.

What are Chatbot Templates & Flow Editor?

Chatbot templates are used by chatbot developers to create an interface for chatbots. They provide a way of organizing the logic of the chatbot's conversation. Build flows for different variables that can be inserted into the conversation at any point. They also help with validation and error handling, making sure that the user is not taken to a wrong place in the conversation if they input wrong information. The flow editor provides a graphical view of how all those template blocks fit together to form a sequence. It also helps mark how long each block should take as well as what happens after each block is completed or there is an error in input from the user.

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