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Chatbot Software

Build Chatbots to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Create chatbots for WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messengers within minutes and make them ready to chat with visitors.

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rich messages

Rich Messages

Make use of images and videos that thrive your business to the next-level through customer engagements. Simplify your efforts to boost customer experience by being uncompromised at any time.



Add various functionalities into your bots to initiate necessary actions using a virtual bot. Bring a human-like interactions and actionable aspects using our chatbot software.

automate work

Automate Work

Hold no responsibility of automating repetitive tasks at your workspaces when chatbots are here. Let the bots take control over and drive the focus of your teams into the most productive works.

What is Chatbot Software?

Chatbot is a programmed application that simulates human conversation with customers or users, especially over the Internet. The term "chatbot" was coined in 1994, but the concept of an automated customer service agent dates back to 1960 when Joseph Weizenbaum created ELIZA, which simulated a psychotherapist's conversation with a patient. Some chatbots are designed to study and mimic human behavior by learning from interactions that they have with people. Learn more about chatbot software

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I choose 500apps because of their value and incredible superior customer service. They really care about small-to-medium sized organizations like ours, whether you're very CRM experienced or lightly so. Very pleased!

I love 500apps. It's a perfect solution for startups. The price is right and the system does all I need it to. They also have an excellent customer support team.

500apps is a pretty compressive system for a good price. Plenty of integrations. Sales, marketing and help desk automation. I love that it integrates with IMAP!

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