chatbot lead generation to nurture qualified leads

Chatbot Lead Generation

To Nurture Qualified Leads

Chatbot lead generation software to nurture qualified leads from your Slack, Whatsapp, or Facebook messenger platforms.

Boost Conversion Rates and Productivity

Take advantage of segmentation and chatbot lead generation to nurture qualified leads from your Slack, Whatsapp, or Facebook messenger platforms.

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qualify leads

Qualify Leads

Utilize database segmentation, lead qualification, and user contacts to generate and nurture qualified leads based on input and actions taken by visitors on social media platforms.

human takeover

Human Takeover

Let your bots interact with visitors in live chat by allowing smooth transition to agents when required.

live-chat tickets

Live-chat Tickets

Show the right option to the customer while interacting with the bot and create flows accordingly to create helpdesk tickets.

schedule messages

Schedule Messages

Schedule messages and send at the right time by making changes so that customer sees your message at the right time.

All your frequently asked questions answered

Chatbot can generate leads in a super-effective way by engaging users and collect the lead information. It can ask user details within the chat as the conversation goes further. Your users do not have to fill out boring forms!

When a user initiates a chat on WhatsApp, Facebook or slack, a contact is automatically created in your account so you can follow-up later.

Yes, you’ll be able to see where a particular lead has come from.

Yes, you can easily export contacts in a CSV format.

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I find the new App exciting for companies which focus is monitoring and task oriented. Looks great! All in one go! Well done Agile!


Thank you Ronnie for your prompt support today with my email issue. Using Agile CRM has been a very pleasant experience and the product is top notch. I recommend A++.

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