Chat Recorder

to monitor automated conversations

Track and record each visitor interaction with chatbot allowing support personnel to review the chat logs and identify the areas of improvement.

Chat Recorder

Capture Valuable Customer Conversations and Feedback

Get a better understanding of customer needs and preferences, and improve your overall customer service

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track chats

Track Chats

Extract the details of your potential customers including name, email id, and the associated chat flow at a glance. Store conversation logs for later reference or to review conversations for accuracy and consistency.

preview chats

Preview Chats

Allows users to view the recorded chat logs and monitor customer service conversations to identify bottlenecks and improve the bot responses.

chat analytics

Chat Analytics

View the analytics of the conversation history, including information on the device, location, and response time.

What is Chat Recorder?

A Chat Recorder is a feature in chatbot software that records conversations between a user and the chatbot. This functionality enables chatbot developers to analyze user interactions, identify pain points, and make improvements to the chatbot's responses. Chat recording can also be used to generate insights about user behavior, preferences, and demographics. This information can be used to optimize the chatbot's performance and enhance user experience. Additionally, chat recording is useful for training the chatbot by providing real-world examples of user queries and responses.

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