Custom Chat Widget

to design the appearance of chat window

Create a unique chatbot experience that reflects your brand identity, personalizes user interactions, and engages users through interactive elements.

Custom Chat Widget

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Choose your own theme to create a chatbot in minutes without coding

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personalized widget

Personalized Widget

Create the chat window by selecting a theme, profile picture, name, and theming title in the chat widget.



Customize your company branding with our versatile feature, which enables you to configure your logo, branding name, and images instantly.

image library

Image Library

Choose a background image from the image library for your live chat window in a matter of seconds using our simple-to-use & powerful UI theme builder.

transparent window

Transparent Window

Integrate chat window with the style and design of the website to improve the user experience.

What is Custom Chat Widget?

Custom Chat Widget allows users to customize the chat window's text, color, and theme. It is the most effective method of showcasing your brand and maintaining contact with your audience in order to increase engagement and retention.

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