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Best 10 AI Chatbot App To Buy For Your Business

Chatbots are now all the rage and with good reason. Business owners have found it an effective means of automating some tasks thus saving many a business time and money. Also, with the advent of artificial intelligence, chatbots are becoming more complicated by the day to the advantage of users. We take a look at the best 10 AI chatbots for your business and how chatbot builders such as Botup will help you create one.

Apr 20, 2021


How to Create Chatbots That Manages Increase Customer Satisfaction

A chatbot, also known as an artificial conversational entity, is an automated artificial intelligence tool that is designed to simulate interactive human communication. It acts as a virtual assistant, presenting the customers with a list of buttons that they can click, to move the interaction forward, as well as enable you to proactively initiate a conversation with the customer. Your chatbot journey starts with deploying a proper chatbot builder such as Botup.

Apr 20, 2021


17 Amazing Tips to Use Chatbot For Your eCommerce Business

For the longest time, businesses relied on customer service reps to handle customers’ queries and other repetitive tasks. Now, thanks to chatbots – applications that simulate human-like interactions/conversations – these tasks can be automated. We tell you how eCommerce businesses can reap the benefits of eCommerce chatbots and tools such as [Botup]( will come in handy in the process.

Feb 14, 2021


The Secret of Building Successful Facebook Messenger Chatbot For Your Business

While Facebook initially started as a social platform, it has since outgrown this purpose as businesses found it an effective means to engage their clients as well as tap new customers. Facebook, moving with the flow, optimized the platform for businesses hence Facebook Messenger for business. In this article, we are going to explore how businesses are using chatbots to get the most out of Facebook Messenger for business and how top chatbot tools like [Botup]( will come in handy.

Feb 09, 2021

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