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All-in-One AI Chatbot

Build an inuitive, custom chatbot for WhatsApp, SMS, websites, and social media platforms to serve your customers 24/7.

Easy-to-Use Visual Builder

Easily create flows using a drag-and-drop designer with built-in templates — no coding required, guaranteed.

Integrate With CRM, Live Chat, Helpdesk, and More

Connect your chatbot to your backend database or website services for powerful automation solutions.

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Achieve Codeless Automation With Chatbot

Engage your audience, build stronger relationships, generate leads 24/7 and get higher conversion rates


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Create Bots

Create Bots

Build and Manage Bots with Ease

Effortlessly create multi-purpose, no-code chatbots in seconds to enhance your business' outreach and lead captures. Make full use of bot functionalities to increase conversions.

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Build Flows

Build Flows

Design Chatbots with Visual Flows

Make conversations meaningful by creating chatflows up to your standards. Customize the templates within visual flow builder to boost customer engagement and establish brand loyalty.

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Chatbot Reports

Chatbot Reports

Advance Your Business with Data

Receive better insights and understand how your chatbots are performing, track histories, and assess progress. Make smarter business decisions and align strategies based on real data.

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Website Chatbot

Website Chatbot

Make Your Websites Interactive

Stay ahead of the competition. Make everything happen on our chatbot platform, including: lead generation, natural language processing, customer inquiries, CRM assistance, and much more.

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Pre-Built Templates for Any Industry

Enjoy setting up your own chatbot in minutes — pre-built templates will help you get started. Simply customize scenarios to tailor them to your business' individual needs. BotUp prides itself in ease-of-use.

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WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp Chatbot

Reach Potential Customers Instantly

Embed a custom chatbot on WhatsApp to engage any and all of the people who matter to your company. Reach out to tens of thousands of people and solve their pain points by interacting with them.

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Facebook Chatbot

Facebook Chatbot

Facebook Chatbot

Become well-known among the target audience and send forth messages to engage with them. Increase your reach to the furthest reaches of the globe, engage more clients, and grow your business.

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SMS Chatbot

SMS Chatbot

Connect with Wider Audience

Send messages to the people who most connect with your business. Create a personalized experience by sharing your business updates with the most relevant people.

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REST Integration

REST Integration

Improve resource management and overall efficiency

Automate the data transfer and make it easier for chatbots to get hands on the data in just a matter of seconds. As a result, integrations can help in boosting efficiency.

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Built-in CRM

Built-in CRM

Track the details of every interaction

Store all the contact information of the users in one place. Track, organize, and maintain contacts using effortless and simple built-in CRM feature.

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JS Code

JS Code

Build Incredibly Powerful Chatbots

create chatbots using JS code to save time and provide better customer service. Improve user experience and be in touch with your website visitors in real-time.

Learn more about JS Code

Document Management

Document Management

Upload and store all media files in one place

Upload images with different formats and use them in the flows as rich messages with the that is generated automatically after uploading the file.

Learn more about Document Management

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1000+ reviews - TrustScore 4.9 out of 5
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When you learn to navigate through it, it's a pretty good software.

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I had a question about how to make the most of a campaign, and was helped in a very kind and gracious way. I learned something new.

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Love this Responsive and very helpful support team. Great price and brilliant features

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The Best Online Chatbots For Your Business in 2022

One of the more fascinating and valuable things you can add to your website would be a bot that interacts with visitors. It might not seem like such a big deal, but many people put stock in a company’s ability to interact with its audience no matter the situation. Here are a few of the best online chatbots that you can use for your business.

Strategies for Customer Engagement: Targeted Messages to Focus

The best strategies to keep your customers engaged for maximum sales from your marketing.

Machine Learning Chatbots: How Machine Learning is Evolving in Bots?

Machine learning chatbot has completely transformed the way bots works and interacts with the visitors. The conversational AI bots we know today are all thanks to machine learning and its implementation with bots.

8 Proven Ways to Improve Sales Automation Using Chatbots

AI driven bot automation system will increase the customer satisfaction of your business. Here are eight ways chatbots can improve your sales.

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What is Chatbot Software?

Software that provides more human experiences. Conversational ai bots provide better digital experiences for your customers, from lead generation to support.

How Conversational AI BotUp Can Help in Boosting Your Social Media Strategy?

Conversational AI is one of the most important trends in social media marketing that is happening right now.

What are Chatbots?

Conversational AI that can help customers by automating conversations and interacting with them through messaging platforms.

How to Create a Chatbot?

Assist your users in completing simple tasks in a friendly, conversational manner. Extensible from simple data-driven chatbots to conversational agents. Add a Layer of Intelligence. Effortless chatbot creation process.

What are the Benefits of a Chatbot Software?

In this section, we’ll shed some light on the benefits to businesses and why they should consider deploying chatbots to complete various jobs.

What are the Types of Chatbots?

Learn in-depth about the two basic chatbot types and their various uses.

How Chatbot Software Accelerates Marketing Efforts?

Chat bots are one of the hottest trends in marketing today. This article will teach you how to use chat bot software to market your brand, and why it's so important.

How Marketers are Using Chatbots to Increase Sales?

Ever wanted to know what chatbots are, how they work, and why they're the future of marketing? This article will show you how to use chatbots for your business.

What Can a Chatbot Help You With?

Chatbots can help you with a variety of things. They can validate your website, serve as a shopping adviser, and even serve as a personal assistant.

Why Chatbots are the Future of Marketing?

Chatbots can automatically pull up customer information to quickly answer their questions. This is an efficient way of saving time and money for customer service teams.

What is the Future of Chatbots?

The future of chatbots is still up in the air. What is evident, however, is that these initiatives are still in their infancy and will very certainly undergo numerous revisions before becoming widely adopted.

What is the Purpose of the Chatbots?

Chatbots are designed to give people an automated way to communicate with your company. They may answer basic questions, make product recommendations, and provide customer support.

How Does Whatsapp Chatbot Work?

A chatbot can be used to help manage any type of business. It can also help save and grow time and effort for a company's employees. A chatbot is a computer program that engages in conversation with human users via auditory or textual methods.

How To Use Chatbots As A Lead Generation Strategy?

If you are interested in knowing more about using chatbots to help you boost your sales, this page will help you understand how. Keep reading.

What Is SMS Chatbot Software?

An SMS chatbot is a useful tool for providing information and making purchases. Users can interact with an SMS chatbot on their mobile phone by sending it a text message, which the chatbot responds to.

What Is A Website Chatbot?

Websit chatbot is a website tool that helps you engage with your online visitors. The chatbot can be used to answer questions and guide users through the process of making a purchase or upgrading to a premium account.

What Is REST Integration?

Rest integration is a specification that describes the interaction styles, methods and protocols for developing and using Hypertext Systems.

What Is A WhatsApp Chatbot?

Users can talk to the chatbot just like any other contact on their phone. WhatsApp chatbot responds to natural language requests and questions.

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