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Seamlessly interact with customers, quickly handle queries, and establish a robust brand presence with Botup’s WhatsApp chatbots.

drag & drop interface

Drag & drop interface

Design and build unique automated workflows for your WhatsApp bot using an intuitive drag-drop interface in minutes.

Create workflow

Create a hyper-personalized workflow and automate conversation with WhatsApp chatbot. Generate more qualified leads by providing personalized user experience.

create workflow
media-rich replies

Media-rich replies

Enhance your customer’s conversational experience and improve retention rates with highly engaging, rich interactive visual content.

In-depth reports

Visually analyze your customer data and easily create insightful reports to make data-driven decisions.

in-depth reports
human takeover

Human takeover

Let your bots seamlessly transfer the interaction to the next available agent when it’s needed increasing accuracy and productivity.

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