Click to Call

to directly connect over a call

Offer customers a convenient way to reach out to you via click to call in a friendly and helpful chat interface that makes it simple to find answers and get what they need. A simple, effective way for your customers to connect directly with a representative.

Click to Call

Click to Call For customer Service and Sales

Automate engagement for visitors to connect with your business

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answer phone calls

Answer Phone Calls

Allows website visitors to initiate phone conversations with sales representatives by simply clicking on a link in the chat window provided.

make phone calls

Make Phone Calls

Market your product or service to the users by making phone calls to current and potential customers using click to call without spending extra cost.

What is Click to Call?

As long as the agent isn't responding in a timely manner, this chatbot is capable of converting your website visitors and PPC leads into phone calls. Do you want to speak with your clients one-on-one? Let the bot get your customers' phone numbers for you! Conversational marketing is a technique used by chatbots to collect phone numbers. A chatbot is a simple way to get your prospects' mobile phone numbers, which you can use to quickly connect with them using a click to call feature.

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