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Create and deploy AI-powered interactive chatbots on multiple channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, and websites. Reduce the workload across all aspects of the business using chatbot software.

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Boost User Experience & Customer Support

  • Enhance user experience across social platforms.

  • Improve customer support with automated chatbots.

  • Boost conversion and retention rates automatically.

  • Stay informed with real-time insightful reporting.

best chatbot

Visual Flow Builder

Simplify your flow creation with a visual interface by dragging and dropping nodes to connect conversations.

visual flow builder
visual designer

Visual Designer

Create interactive chatbots and make them appealing using drag-and-drop interface.



Build unique, responsive chat flows to increase conversions and keep customers engaged using drag-and-drop editor.

custom flows

Custom Flows

Build custom templates using drag-and-drop or choose from a variety of predefined templates and edit them.

multi-chat channels

Multi-chat Channels

Implement your chatbots across the social media channels and add live chat option to create real-time messaging experience.

flow replication

Flow Replication

Create easy flows and replicate the same to the other bots. Make tasks simpler to execute with flow replication.

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Bot Builder

Create robust bots that are reliable and effective to enhance customer experience, lead generation, and conversion rates.

bot builder
create bots

Create Bots

Build bots that take your company to the next level through customer engagements by assigning relevant flows to the networks.

twilio integration

Twilio Integration

Enable your bots to interact with customers via SMS and WhatsApp by integrating with network providers using Twilio.

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WhatsApp Chatbot

Leverage the power of WhatsApp to reach customers wherever they are and deliver experiences that build loyalty and drive revenue.

whatsapp chatbot
automated messaging

Automated Messaging

Send messages automatically to your customers and keep updating them regarding your business

live chat options

Live Chat Options

Let your bot handle customer interactions 24x7 by creating flows based on the customer's interests.

easy-to-use interface

Easy-to-Use Interface

Automate messages for accelerated business growth and to achieve maximum engagement through WhatsApp chatbots.

Find out more about WhatsApp Chatbot

Website Chatbot

Create a chatbot for your website to improve customer communication and re-direct visitors to the most relevant pages.

website chatbot
lead generation

Lead Generation

Automate the lead generation process in real-time and gain potential customers by capturing the data using bot intelligence.

support & feedback

Support & Feedback

Find issues and assign to chatbot - speed of resolving justifies how a bot can accelerate your support operations 24x7.

chatbot human handoff

Chatbot Human Handoff

Assign a human lead once the chatbot captures all the information. Define flows step-by-step for a human takeover whenever needed.

crm automation

CRM Automation

Trigger the bots into CRM platforms by defining flows as per the requirement and enhance your business growth.

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Chatbot Templates

Simply choose one of the ready-made templates that best fits your use case to improve your business processes.

chatbot templates
design call flows

Design Call Flows

Create a sophisticated and effective chatbot by designing a customized call flow that is specific to your business.



Select from the library of templates available in the platform that are relevant to your industry, making it easy to create a chatbot without having to start from scratch.

embed script

Embed Script

Incorporate the script into your application code so the chatbot can respond to website inquiries in real-time.

clone flows

Clone Flows

Create multiple chatbots with similar flows by duplicating an existing chat flow and then customizing it to meet new chatbot needs.

Find out more about Chatbot Templates


Send and receive notifications from external services when certain events occur, such as when a new contact or chat is created.

custom experience

Custom Experience

Send data from any third-party web application to your chatbot securely and easily. Incorporating webhooks into your chatbots allows you to offer a more personalized experience to your customers.

create webhooks

Create Webhooks

Select trigger name, add call URL, and create a webhook to facilitate instant web notifications every time a contact or chat is created.

real-time data

Real-time Data

Connect your bot to other services, APIs, and databases to send and receive data in real-time and respond quickly to user interactions.

Find out more about Webhooks

SMS Chatbot

Automate the process of lead generation by sending personalized notifications and enhancing business communication through chatbot software.

sms chatbot


Provide high-end customer engagement all the time to convert website visitors into customers.

personalized notifications

Personalized Notifications

Send targeted notifications to users about new features, updates, promotions, discounts, and more to keep them engaged.

Find out more about SMS Chatbot


Utilize HTTPS requests to organize the user data flow and enable chatbots to access external databases to send and receive customer information.

rest api


Use HTTP requests to get, put, post, and delete data on other platforms. Give the parameters as required, allowing the chatbot to ask questions, receive answers, and process the information.

real-time data

Real-time Data

Utilize other services, APIs, and databases by integrating your bot. Send and receive information in real-time and respond rapidly to user interactions.

Find out more about REST API

Built-in CRM

Get a single, holistic view of all your contacts and their activity. Build and nurture strong relationships and effectively manage their journey through the sales funnel towards conversion to close more deals.

built-in crm
manage contacts

Manage Contacts

Manage all the user information in a centralized location with built-in CRM tool.

click to call

Click to Call

Connect with your contacts instantly by just clicking on the call icon. Share information about new product offers, and discounts to grab their attention, capture leads, and increase conversions.

detailed view

Detailed View

View all of your contacts' information in multiple views, such as a list or grid, by selecting the view style of the contact management module.

monitor history

Monitor History

Track customer conversations and gain valuable insights to optimize the bot chat conversation and provide better customer service.

Find out more about Built-in CRM

JS Code

Build chatbots with JS code and integrate them into your website to provide better customer service and improve the user experience.

js code


Use JS code to personalize any user's chatbot experience, making it extra relevant and memorable.

save time

Save Time

Make chatbots do more automations without needing an employee to do it manually using JS code.

dynamic data

Dynamic Data

Instead of providing static data with chatbots, incorporate them with JS code to provide more relevant information to users in real time.

Find out more about JS Code

Document Management

Create an archive of your files in order to save time and easily access information for future use. Centralizing this process makes all the relevant information immediately accessible.

document management
upload documents

Upload Documents

Upload images using drag-and-drop functionality with multiple image formats to create an engaging flow.

multi format support

Multi Format Support

Store documents in any of the multiple formats supported, such as PNG, JPEG, WEBP, and GIF.

Find out more about Document Management


Make it easy for visitors to book an appointment without any human intervention, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

automated scheduling

Automated Scheduling

Simplify appointment scheduling for your customers. A chatbot makes it extremely easy to manage requests and confirm them.

calendar invitation

Calendar Invitation

Allow your visitors to self-schedule appointments according to your availability and remind them about an upcoming appointment.

multi-channel support

Multi-Channel Support

Schedule appointments via multiple channels, such as SMS, email, web, and more, providing more flexibility to users.

Find out more about Scheduling

Live Chat

Engage your visitors more effectively than ever by answering complicated queries in real-time with NinjaChat live chat support.

live chat
chatbot human handoff

Chatbot Human Handoff

Improve first-contact resolutions and increase customer satisfaction. Provide live chat support in cases where a chatbot is not enough.

conversation history

Conversation History

Record each and every conversation with customer. Find an archived chat transcript by simply entering a keyword or starting from the beginning.

canned responses

Canned Responses

Create an infinite number of canned responses to respond to customers, saving time and increasing productivity.

Find out more about Live Chat

Click to Call

Connect with customers conveniently using click to call to convert visitors into customers by involving them in the process of selling.

click to call
configure pbxplus

Configure PBXPlus

Integrate the chatbot into your phone system to allow sales representatives to make calls and interact with potential customers.

make phone calls

Make Phone Calls

Utilize click-to-call technology to contact your current and potential customers without incurring any additional costs.

Find out more about Click to Call

Custom Chat Widget

Design your chat window’s text, color, theme and transparency to reflect branding of your business and increase user engagement.

custom chat widget
personalized widget

Personalized Widget

Create an attractive chat widget for your chatbot interface at any time and without requiring any coding knowledge.



Create a unique look for your business with our versatile feature, which enables you to configure your logo, branding name, and images instantly.

image library

Image Library

Select a pre-uploaded background image from the image library to establish a connection with website visitors.

transparent window

Transparent Window

Enhance the user experience by blending the chat window into the overall design and style of the website.

Find out more about Custom Chat Widget

Chat Recorder

Upgrade the chatbot's performance and increase the user experience by tracking and recording each visitor interaction.

chat recorder
track chats

Track Chats

Store conversation logs for later reference or to review conversations for accuracy and consistency.

preview chats

Preview Chats

View recorded chat logs and monitor customer service interaction to enhance the automated service.

chat analytics

Chat Analytics

Provides analytics and reporting on the conversation history, including metrics such as response time, device, and location.

Find out more about Chat Recorder

Contact Tracker

Build an effective sales funnel by capturing customer contact details when a customer interacts with a bot on social media platforms or other websites.

contact tracker
capture contacts

Capture Contacts

Reach out to potential customers & build relationships with them by automating the process of collecting contact information from social media channels and websites.

export bulk contacts

Export Bulk Contacts

Export the contact details from one system to another or for creating a backup of your contacts in various formats, such as CSV, PDF, and XLSX.

in-app integrations

In-app Integrations

Integrate with, MailSend, OutReachly, and VoxDesk to bulk-send contacts/leads and increase outreach activities.

Find out more about Contact Tracker

App Integrations

Integrate your chatbot seamlessly with a variety of popular tools and services to improve its capabilities and speed up operations.

app integrations
twilio integration

Twilio Integration

Activate the bot to send automated text messages to customers via WhatsApp and SMS, enhancing customer service and increasing customer satisfaction.



Extract contacts and chats by integrating Facebook with BotUp. Automatically run the bot on your business pages to engage potential customers.

crm applications

CRM Applications

Integrate CRM applications with chatbots to identify customer needs and provide personalized responses.

Find out more about App Integrations

Real-time Dashboard

Understand the behavior of your visitors by tracking their demographic data to make informed decisions with the interactive dashboards and real-time insights.

real-time dashboard
chatbot reports

Chatbot Reports

Analyze the performance of your bots and drive your decision-making process.

user data

User Data

Record user data by gathering information and use the same to run online campaigns.

Find out more about Real-time Dashboard

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