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best chatbot software

Create Bots

Use advanced features to create robust bots that can help you engage customer experience, qualify leads and much more with the speed of light.

create bots
rich messages

Rich Messages

Incorporate media like images and videos while sending messages to the customers.



Let your bots do things to make it look like a human form.

automate work

Automate Work

Let your teams automate repetitive tasks and focus things that matter the most.

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Build Flows

Build and edit powerful flows with drag-and-drop functionality to get things done faster. Use third-party extensions to make it versatile and take the help of chatbot app's built-in templates to allow your bots to do multiple things simultaneously.

build flows
visual designer

Visual Designer

Create interactive chat bots just like another human agent with drag and drop bot builder.



Use drag-and-drop editor to create powerful flows in minutes.

built-in templates

Built-in Templates

Use templates to build powerful chatbots even faster.

custom templates

Custom Templates

Make use of built-in templates to get use bot for any vertical.

multi-chat channels

Multi-Chat Channels

Implement your chatbot anywhere to for a live chat capability.

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Lead Generation

With Botup, an easy-to-use chatbot app, take complete control over lead nurturing by qualifying leads, scheduling messages, and sending email or SMS notifications. Easily manage contacts and get essential details to export and use for other tasks.

lead generation
qualify leads

Qualify Leads

Automate lead qualification process using chatbots. Ask relevant questions and let the bots use their intelligence to qualify leads.

human takeover

Human Takeover

Let the agents take over interaction whenever the need arises.

live-chat tickets

Live-chat Tickets

Let the bots create tickets after initial interaction by showing appropriate options to the customer.

schedule messages

Schedule Messages

Send messages immediately or schedule according to users' timezones to get better deliverability.

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Chatbot Reports

Enhance optimization and segment a comprehensive database of visitors to boost conversion rates and enhance the user-experience. Use reports to optimize Facebook bots, as well.

chatbot reports
chatbot reports

Chatbot Reports

Make informed decisions by analyzing how your chatbots are performing.

user data

User Data

Record user data by gathering information and use the same to run targeting campaigns.

user segmentation

User Segmentation

Filter your customers according to their preferences so that you show the right choices to them.

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