What Is A Website Chatbot?

Website chatbot helps you engage with your online visitors. The chatbot can be used to answer questions and guide users through the process of making a purchase or upgrading to a premium account.


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What Makes the Best Chatbot Software?

Technology keeps devising new and better ways of improving interaction with customers. With the growth of the digital space, customers no longer need to drop messages or emails and wait for someone to get back to them. They no longer need to wait in line for customer service agents with Chatbots.

Chatbot provides them with answers to their questions immediately. But, of course, the fun part of using chatbots is that customers are in charge of the conversation.

What is A Website Chatbot?

Website chatbots are programmed interfaces designed to interact with users who visit a webpage or application. They closely mimic human behavior in how they relate with visitors in a conversational manner.

A chatbot software conducts an online conversation via text or text-to-speech instead of direct conversation with a human agent. They are used by businesses in messaging apps to interact with visitors.

Think of chatbots as the chat tool of instant messaging apps, but with a human on only one side of the conversation. The other side is an AI that has been programmed with possible questions and the proper responses. Each question and answer is tailored to the human reading and responding to each message.

About Website Chatbot Software

With chatbot for website, customers can move quickly from one point to another without getting lost. They will also answer their questions as soon as they open the webpage without waiting in line or needing human interaction.

How Does A Website Chatbot Work?

Chatbots work by performing two different tasks at their core. They analyze the user request and return the response.

User Request Analysis

Once a customer engages a chatbot, the bot first analyzes the customer’s request. Then, the software identifies the user’s intent and extracts the relevant entities.

Before the chatbot can decide on the proper response to a customer’s request, it needs to ‘understand’ it. Therefore, the software uses a complex algorithm of keyword comparison, customer track record, and intent.

Once it understands the customer’s request and intent, the chatbot returns the response.

Returning The Response

For the chatbot to return the appropriate response, it needs to evaluate all the preprogrammed answers in its database. To do this, it uses a system that checks if:

The text is predefined or generic. Predefined responses are tailored to specific questions, while generic responses apply to all or a group of questions, the response is contextualized. That is, the answer is based on the data the user-provided. The user’s data is stored in the enterprise system more specific questions. This helps the software to disambiguate a query for more detailed answers.

Why Do You Need A Website Chatbot?

Businesses need chatbots for many reasons, culminating in an increase in productivity. Here are more specific reasons why you need to use a chatbot for your business:

Why Do You Need A Website Chatbot

Chatbots give your brand a face

When customers relate to your website, they do so over several touchpoints. However, chatbots serve as the first touchpoint they click on your website. Once they sync with your chatbot, their visit to your website will be more productive.

That is why you should tailor your chatbot to your organization’s purpose. The personality of your chatbot lingers on your visitor.

Immediate availability

In the 21st century, customers are more impatient. They want their requests attended to now. It is nearly impossible to listen to all your customers at once as a business. Chatbots make that possible. AI chatbots can comfortably handle several—hundreds perhaps—of visitors simultaneously. Above all, your visitors will get their answers immediately.

Increased revenue

Chatbot technology will be baseless if it doesn’t culminate in increased revenue. First off, when customers get answers immediately, they will complete their purpose of visit. Ultimately, you will increase your sales and the rate of conversion.

Customer behavior insight

Not only do chatbots interact with visitors, but they also provide insight into how customers behave. With metrics that quantify how customers engage with the chatbot, you will know how to target your future business strategies.

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