Visual Flow Builder

to create a smooth conversation flow

Visualize your customer's journey through automated flows. Determine which message should appear and in what order when a response is received. Drag and drop nodes to create automated flows quickly.

Visual Flow Builder

Build Flows With Visual Flow Builder

Create better and visually pleasing customer engagements using our chatbot flow builder

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visual designer

Visual Designer

Attain the visual flow you want for your chatbot. Make use of nodes to create an interactive and user-friendly interface with a wide range of options on the visual flow builder.



Design, deploy and manage visually engaging conversations that drive customer engagement. A simple yet powerful visual interface makes it easy for non-developers to get started — building rich conversational experiences is now accessible to everyone.

custom flows

Custom Flows

Tailor your chatbot to make it work the way your business needs. BotUp enables you to create 100% custom bots that do exactly what you need, from simply answering questions that users input into your bot to sending notifications, calling webhooks, and more.

multi-chat channels

Multi-chat Channels

Set up multi-chat channels to let customers chat with you in any channel they want. Connect with them wherever they are—on WhatsApp, Facebook, or the phone allowing multiple people to chat simultaneously on different messaging platforms.

flow replication

Flow Replication

Never start from scratch again. Leverage the value of your existing work by reusing it on another channel or simply applying it to another use case. No need to manually create every node in a flow. No need to build again from scratch.

What Is a Visual Flow Builder?

Visual flow builder is a simple drag-and-drop interface to design conversational messages visually. You can quickly build a structure for your chatbot conversations with a visual flow builder. You can start using visual flow builder to build a new conversation or edit an existing one from your Bot. Learn more about how to build flows?

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