to send automated messages to other applications

Handle all data-intensive tasks by connecting directly to third-party applications. Use webhooks to automate business tasks, create custom solutions, and accelerate workflow.


Share Information in Real-Time with Webhooks

Set up webhooks to automatically trigger actions quickly and easily

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custom experience

Custom Experience

Incorporate webhooks to send data securely to your chatbot from any third-party applications and provide a personalised experience for your customers.

create webhooks

Create Webhooks

Select trigger name, add call URL, and create a webhook to facilitate instant web notifications every time a contact or chat is created.

real-time data

Real-time Data

Connect your bot to other web services, APIs, and databases to send and receive information in real time and enhance the user experience.

What are Webhooks?

Webhooks are a powerful way for chatbot software to communicate with external services. They allow chatbot software to receive notifications from external services when certain events occur, such as a new contact/chat is created. The chatbot can then respond to the event automatically, making it easier for developers to add complex functionality to their chatbot.

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