What Is REST Integration?

Rest integration is a specification that describes the interaction styles, methods and protocols for developing and using Hypertext Systems.


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What Makes the Best Chatbot Software?

REST which stands for Representational State Transfer is a design pattern for APIs. Rest creates a data object when the clients request it and send the object value to users. Web development companies mainly use rest architecture worldwide to provide web services and application development.

Pertinently, REST API is used for business communication purposes to improve customer interaction. Chatbot has proven to be a constant communicator with customers of businesses. This makes it a vital part of the internet presence of the organization. However, there is a need to make chatbots better than just answering chatterboxes; to make them more complex, we need to employ API integration.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

AI has been a recurring theme in almost all digital fields. There is more demand for automation and intelligence in ore fields in our daily lives. Fields like IoT, Medicine, Transportation, and so on need more artificial intelligence daily. Unsurprisingly, businesses demands AI-enabled chatbot to understand their customers more. Therefore, there is a need to make chatbots and emails more intelligent to know what they are told.

Chatbots differ in capability. Basic chatbots have no iota of intelligence and can be used as decision trees. So users will continually click on the option he wants till he gets an answer.

Artificial intelligence and Chatbots

Conversely, more complicated chatbots are empowered with AI. This makes them more intelligent and wise. These chatbots can mimic humans, learn human language, and communicate with humans. Coupled with advanced machine learning, these chatbots can have a natural—or close to realistic—conversation with humans.

What is API Integration?

API means Application Programming Interface. It is an interface that enables several applications to share information within several software components.

The API serves as a link among multiple applications to send and receive data from connected sources in layman's language.

API determines the types of requests being made, the nature of the demands, and how they can be made. It is no surprise that API is the most preferred way of transferring data between software components without human intervention.

What is REST API Integration?

REST API conforms to the constraints of the REST architectural style with API. Therefore, it provides a flexible and lightweight way to integrate applications.

One factor that makes REST API a popular way of integrating APIs is that it can be developed virtually by any programming language. Also, it supports a variety of data formats.

Principles of REST APIs

REST API requires strict adherence to six design principles which are:

Uniform Interface:

This principle expresses that all API requests for the same resource must look the same irrespective of where they are from. Therefore, all recommendations have the same URI and must not be too large. However, they must contain every piece of information the client needs.

Client-server Decoupling:

Both clients and servers must be independent of each other. Also, the client should have no interaction with the server outside the URI. Furthermore, server applications cannot modify client applications other than those passing through HTTPS as requested data.

What is REST API Integration


All requests in REST APIs are stateless; they must include all the necessary information needed to process them.so, no server-side sections are allowed, and the server applications cannot store any data about the client's request.


All resources should be cacheable on the client and server sides. Also, requests should include whether caching is delivered for the help provided. REST API aims to improve performance on the client-side and scalability on the server-side.

Layered System Architecture:

The REST API system architecture is layered; call and response go through different layers. On no occasion should you assume that the client and server applications connect directly. Instead, there are different layers within the communication loop.

Code on-demand:

REST APIs only send static resources. However, in certain situations, responses can be sent as executable codes. Any response sent as executable code should only run on-demand.

BotUp is a complex chatbot that is integrated using REST APIs. So it can process your data quickly and efficiently.

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