Chatbot Reports & Analytics

for improved decision making

Analyze the occurrence of interactions, contacts, browse data from various periods, and much more with chatbot reports. Study the performance of your chatbots and improve your customer service.

Chatbot Reports & Analytics

Get Valuable Insights With Chatbot Reports

Boost the performance of your chatbots and increase productivity with access to interactive reports

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chatbot reports

Chatbot Reports

Get detailed analytics about the bots and monitor their performance with chatbot reports. Make decisions to meet the performance concerns.

user data

User Data

Record the users' data to drive effective campaigns and level up the customer engagements accordingly with chatbot reports.

user segmentation

User Segmentation

Segment users based on their behaviour, demographic data, and history for better campaign management.

What is Chatbot Reports & Analytics?

Chatbots are also being used for analytics. The idea is simple. Instead of waiting for customers to fill out surveys or contact your customer service, bots can be programmed to ask customers questions about their experience using your product automatically. You can even use chatbots to collect data on what products are being viewed the most on your eCommerce website so that you know which products to highlight more prominently and which ones to take down altogether.

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