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Get your chatbot running 24/7, and reach your customers on a large scale looking for instant replies - No delays, no lagging!

Zap Technology

Create Customer Support That Stands Out With Zap Technology

Assist customers with a self-service approach for query resolution without the need to interact with human agents

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quick responses

Quick Responses

Provide consistent and high-quality service by asking the right questions and route the conversations for more efficient support.

multiple messaging channels

Multiple Messaging Channels

Build one bot and deploy it to multiple channels to offer a unified customer experience across different channels, including website, mobile and social media.



Make 24/7 global support smarter, simpler, and faster by connecting with customers in their language and delivering a unique brand experience transcending time and place.

What is Zap Technology?

Zap Technology is the fastest way to answer customer questions. It's not just a chatbot, it's an automated intelligence system that can answer questions, which means that customers will no longer have to wait for long periods of time for answers.

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