Introduction to Best Website Chatbots

Best website chatbots are automated user interfaces created to communicate with visitors to a website or application. They interact with visitors in a conversational style, closely imitating human behavior.

Instead of having a direct interaction with a human agent, a chatbot software conducts an online conversation via text or text-to-speech. Businesses utilize them in messaging apps to communicate with customers.

Consider best website chatbots to be the instant messaging apps' chat feature, but with a human present for only one side of the interaction. The opposing party is an AI that has been taught potential queries and the appropriate answers. Every query and response is customized for the specific person reading and replying to each communication.

Here’s a List of Best Website Chatbots


Every step of your conversational AI journey is optimized on a single platform that can handle all of your business and customer needs while maximizing value in the shortest amount of time.

Botup best website chatbot

  • All-in-One Bot Beyond your website, messenger platforms, social media, email, and surveys, one bot may manage all client inquiries from various sources.

  • Visual Flow Builder With the use of our drag-and-drop visual flow builder, create customized, AI-powered experiences without coding.

  • Generate More Leads Engage your prospects more quickly and use a smarter lead generating strategy to shorten the sales cycle.

  • Live Chat By responding to challenging questions in real-time with NinjaChat live chat assistance, you can engage your visitors more effectively than before.

    • Transfer Chat to an Agent
    • Conversation History
    • Canned Responses
    • Advanced Reports
  • Website Chatbot For your website, develop customer service chatbot to enhance customer experience and guide visitors to the most pertinent pages.

    • Lead Generation
    • Support & Feedback
    • Anytime Human Takeover
    • NLP Functionality
    • Support for CRM Solutions


With the best website chatbot’s drag-and-drop chatbot builder, you can create chatbot quickly and effortlessly. You don't require any coding experience or any technological knowledge. Even better, it includes pre-built templates that you can utilize as a jumping off point to swiftly launch an ai chatbot. These templates cover a variety of situations, such as product sales, customer support, hiring, reservations, and more.

In addition to integrating with your WordPress website, the best website chatbots may be utilized with other well-known apps and top live chat programmes to help you expand your business.

The same AI-driven platform powers Chatbot, a fantastic chatbot for Facebook Messenger. This provides you with a strong tool to retarget clients on Facebook, gather information, and spend money on Facebook advertisements sensibly. You can test it out for 14 days for free before deciding on a premium plan.

Currently, integrating Chatbot into our own businesses is a top focus. We find Chatbot to be a really useful tool because it allows us to easily refer consumers to our live support staff when necessary.

One active chatbot and 1000 monthly talks are included in the $50 price of ChatBot.


Live chat and a clever chatbot builder are both included in the robust CRM and marketing toolkit known as Hubspot. You can adapt the live chat's style to the colors and branding of your website because it is totally configurable. Without knowing any programming, you may also quickly design automated chatbot responses and routines. Additionally, the chat links with HubSpot's robust CRM tools so you can follow up with every lead.

HubSpot provides strong marketing tools including segmentation, cart abandonment emails, email templates, and in-depth analytics data in addition to its AI chatbot.

Pricing The Sales Hub plan from HubSpot includes live chat and a chatbot builder. HubSpot chatbots are free to use to get you started, but to use all of their other features, you'll need to upgrade to a premium plan, which starts at $45 a month.


A Facebook Messenger chatbot builder, Manychat. Facebook Messenger's user base of more than 1.3 billion people gives you a bigger audience and more potent remarketing alternatives on the Facebook network. Simply put, using Facebook Messenger enables you to increase sales, lower cart abandonment, collect leads, and more.

It has a straightforward drag-and-drop user interface that makes creating the best website chatbots for your Facebook page really simple. You can do a lot of things automatically, including greet new users, direct them to your items, schedule messages, react to certain phrases, and more.

You can sign up for ManyChat's free plan at any time. This has up to 10 audience segmentation tags, 2 drip sequences, and basic quick-start templates. In addition to split testing, buy buttons, and other features, the premium subscription offers infinite drip sequences and tags.


You can create the best website chatbots using FreshChat for mobile, web, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Freddy, their artificial intelligence algorithm, powers it. Instead of just being created to free up the time of your live chat workers, it is intended to detect intent and interact with the customer.

Freshchat may even give you a list of customer and prospect queries that require accurate or better answers using their machine learning technology.

Pricing For businesses to use Freshchat's chatbot, you must subscribe to the "Forest" plan. At $69 per user per month when billed monthly, this is not a cheap option.


The best website chatbots platform for Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram is called Chatfuel. You can use it without any prior coding knowledge or expertise. Your bot can help you boost sales, qualify prospects, or respond to commonly requested queries. This allows you to save your customer service team a tonne of time.

On the Chatfuel website chatbot software, there is a tonne of documentation that will make it simple for you to create a bot. Here are some tips on how to use a Messenger bot in accordance with Facebook's policies.

Chatfuel has no user cap and starts at $15 per month. Additionally, a free subscription with up to 50 users and a fully functional bot is available.


MobileMonkey lets you create bots using their OmniChat™ technology. These bots function on Messenger, web chat, and even SMS text messages.

These bots function on Messenger, web chat, and even SMS text messages. By doing this, you can create various bots using various tools while saving time and money. A single bot can be made and used on various platforms.

It's simple for your customer service personnel to reply to messages. You can simply monitor and respond to messages from many channels with the help of MobileMonkey's desktop and mobile apps, which provide you with a single mailbox.

Additionally, it offers connectors with other programmes that you may already be using, like CRM tools, email marketing platforms, webinar hosts, and more.

MobileMonkey has a yearly pricing structure starting at $14.25/month for an unlimited number of leads. There is a free version as well, although it has fewer features and infinite leads.

Zendesk Chat

The well-known business customer support platform Zendesk includes Zendesk Chat. You may manage support tickets, engage in live client chat, and more with its capabilities.

Within Zendesk Chat, you may employ automated messages, such as ones that are triggered based on what your customers are doing. By determining which of your messages have a high engagement rate, you may further optimize them.

If you want more sophisticated chatbot capabilities, you can even link it with other best website chatbots technologies. Pricing: When paid for annually, Zendesk Chat costs as little as $14 per agent each month. There is a 14-day free trial available. There is a free Lite version as well, however it only allows for one agent and one chat at once.


The purpose of building a website is to increase visitors and produce leads. Potential clients will quickly lose interest in a website if it is not interesting to them or visit another one.

The website that will captivate visitors, keep them on the page, and provide leads is the most engaging website. Including the best website chatbots best approach to develop an entertaining one.

The most natural method of client interaction is through a online chatbot. The purpose of your website should be to engage the audience, and a chatbot can help you accomplish this. With the installation of a chatbot on your website, you may enjoy a number of advantages. And the best website chatbots is BotUp by 500Apps, which lets you build personalized chatbot software.

Visit 500apps today and explore BotUp, one of the best website chatbots.

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